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❐. ،، born in salem , young annabel carter had
always had a love of things supernatural . her two
adoptive dads never seemed to believe or aid her
thoughts . she supposed it was why she was so
quick to go and take care of her nana && papa in
mystic falls when they fell ill . so she packed up all
her things and TOOK OFF . . .
everything was fine at first , her staying at home
the majority of the time and doing either one of two
things ; painting or watching after her nan and papa.
but the longer she spent in mystic falls , the more
she was confused for a few other people and crazy
animal attacks . she was so often confused for
someone named ELENA or KATHERINE that it led to
an enemy of the petrovas coming and attacking bel
inside her own home . . .
left to die drowning in her own blood , she had to
be turned into a vampire by kol mikaelson . she soon
did lose her grandparents and it led to her turning her
humanity off and becoming a ripper . and once she
became a upgraded vampire ? she was unstoppable .
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