If you've found your way here, I sincerely hope it wasn't because your mouse had a spaz-attack and accidentally clicked on my name...

Anyways, now that you are here, I really hope you decide to stay and explore my works! I really enjoy writing and reading and finding this site was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Thanks to my Friend Caitlin who showed this wonderful world too me first! xx

Favourite Stories on Wattpad so far!:
In 27 Days by HonorIntheRain
Saving Elliot by NorthbyNorth
Float by ToastedBagels
The Cell Phone Swap by DoNotMicrowave
She's One of the Boys by Lilly-rain


I love your beautiful faces! See you next time! xoxoxo

UPDATE: Hey guys. You may have noticed I have deleted nearly all my works- the unfinished ones anyway. And that is because I am basically stopping this account entirely. I have no time to update and barely any motivation to write anymore. I thought I would save my somewhat loyal fans the anguish and annoyance and just quit it all now. Thanks for giving me some of the best years on this site and for helping me evolve as not only a person, but also a writer. I am sad to go, but I know its the best thing.
Is this sounding like a break-up to anyone else right now?!
Anyway, if I do end up feeling like writing again, it will not be on this account :/ Sorry guys.
I'm also taking down pictures and stuff. I hope you guys still find the time to enjoy my works and all the characters I've created.
Also, if by any chance you stumble across a story that has been ripped off some of mine or something like that, just notify me on twitter. Because that shit needs to be fixed ASAP!
Thank you!
Love you all!
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