Life isn't always going to be cupcake and rainbows, I learned that when I was 5 years old. But remember that there will always be good in a day, not matter what. It could be getting half off on a coffeee, or it could be someone just smiling at you. My life isn't the best but it's not crap either, and we all need to work with the cards were delt with. Because sometimes it's not always our decison, and that can really suck sometimes. I smile and I'm kind to others because even if I'm having a bad day or something bad is going on at home. I still want the people around me to feel happy because even if I can't have happiness at that exact moment, others should still be able to have happiness. I don't know if that's my calling in life, to make others happy and to help people  but I've always loved helping people, and I hope that whoever is reading this will feel less alone and maybe will learn a few valuable life lessons. My name is Emily, and welcome to my life!
Age-Not telling
School-Still Middle School sadly:(
Location-Umm, not gonna tell you because that kinda creepy???:0
Identification-Umm lets just say that I'm not very pretty or, skinny but I guess looks don't matter so......
Personality-I'v been told that I'm a very optomistic, kind, nice, helpful, and loving person. I care about my friends, family, peers, and basicly everyone (unless you really did something to tick me off) I'm a Catholic and I am very strong with my religon (that does not mean you cannot cuss on any roleplays with me) I'm the kind of person that will say I'm tired and put on a weak smile whenever I just want curl up into a ball and cry. I have depression and Trastional Stress Disorder and I'm not ashamed for having it, and if you have any questions about it then don't be afraid to ask me. And that's pretty much it about me.
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Hey if any of you know of an Open RP right now or one that is just starting, tag me or let me know about it and I'll check it out.
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