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I'm Eric and yes like the username suggests, I am a jerk. Get used to it. I'm also completely awesome and laid back.
If you're below 15, I suggest you don't read anymore - you'll be tortured for life. I don't have a girlfriend hint hint.

I'm not a fake... I know perfect guys like myself are really rare but if you gonna post of my wall "I think you're a fake" well then screw you (but then again maybe i already did, WADUP)

If you even confess your undying love to me, I would probably say I love you back but there's a 100% chance that I would be lying to your face. I'm a fan of Halo, COD, and the NFS franchise. I love cars, mustangs especially. If you're a girl and you own one let me know, so I can seduce you into becoming my wife... then obviously i'd take the car and divorce you. Why? Because I'm awesome and well nobody can resist my charm. Also don't post anything saying "Oh eric, I'll be the only girl who'll resist you" Well genius... by posting on my wall you're not doing a lot of resisting, are you? Are you?

Seriously, if you want a chat, talk to me I'll try my very best not to flirt (I did say try though) although there is again a 100% possibility that I may obtain your contact details in 2.2 seconds (that's my new record to beat)

About my "book" and me. Yes it is all true. Not all my ex girlfriends are like that, some were relatively normal... a few were convicts also but hey whatever. Every guy thinks just the way I do in my narrations, I'm just the selective few that actually make it public. I use WADUP and hifive all the time, it normally indicates sexual innuendos and if u were standing near me while I said this I would hifive you, EPIC.

I don't force anyone to read my book so if you don't like it then stay away from my page. No this is not a character I\'m portraying, I really am a Jerk...
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@makeandoffer following you is the biggest flex you can have on Wattpad. 
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