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Team Awesome, Team Epic, Team Teens, Team Purple.

Okay well now that your still viewing my page. Im guessing you want to know things about me....(Duh)

Well for starters my name is Kissandra. Yes K-i-s-s-a-n-d-r-a. I hate when people call me Kassandra. But I do have nicknames like kissy, or bumblebee which the reason why is because I got some weird friends. AWESOME RIGHT?? Dont answer that, I know.
Im 15 years old
Im from NYC and current live there
My Favorite Color is PURPLE!
My Favorite Language is Spanish, it makes me feel importante. But Im not spanish
My Favorite Fruit : Mangos, and Grapes
My Favorite Movie: I cant really pick but I love Disney Channel (o.O) (Dont be a hater)
Something I hate: Haters!!! Well be a fan if you do to thats for starters.
K I have a really Awesome best friend on here her name is Teen_Dreams_Forever
She is really cool, be a fan.
Ok well if your a fan im a fan Cherrios
Did I tell you I like England :O
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