Thanks for the follow dear ❤❤❤
          Would it be impertinent that I ask that you check out my book? Changing me, I just started it and it's just a chapter, I'll like you to check it out and tell me what you think.
          Sorry if it's a bother, I didn't mean to.


Thanks for the follow check out my book Alpha mates don't forget to vote and comment


Hi dear, 
          I see you like reading Billionaire's ex Wife and how much supportive n energetic u r. I like that book too. I personally wrote a book n is hoping if u could read it once and leave likes n comments as feedback for my work.
          This is my 1st time so a bit anxious.
          Hoping to hear from u soon n waiting for u to shower my book with ur unbiased love n blessings as a token of ur grand kindness.
          Stay safe


Hello there (=
          I hope this message finds you safe and well ♥️
          Would kindly take the time to check out my sister’s book?
          Vote and comment your thoughts too please
          It would mean the world (=
          Thanks in advance ♥️