Samantha, who is one of my main ocs, was made specifically out of my love for Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. I'll let her describe herself.

Sam: Wazzup mother f#$ckers! Let's see.. some things about me... Well I really like drawing, singing, and acting. I'm hella good at acting. I act like I don't like Rick... Which I totally don't!

Rick: Bulls*@t

Sam: Shut up Rick this is my interview!

Rick: F*&k get yo*burp*ur panties​ out of a buu*burp*nch..

Sam: Anyway.. um well if you look at the profile photo you know what I look like, arnt I a hot badass.

Rick: You know ii*burp*t kitten~

Sam: *furiously blushes* Shut the h#*l up rick! *Short silence* Ugh...I guess that's it sorry I dragged it on, it's Rick's fault. Byyeeee~ And WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!!!!

Rick: H*burp*ey you stole my phrase!

Sam: Shut up I can do whatever I want and I all ready said bye to them so hush..

*Rick rolls his eyes and pouts while Sam just waves goodbye to you guys*
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