HELLO HOMOSAPIENS! me name be nonz ya business. :3 
THINGS U MUST KNOW BOUT THIS AH-MAYZIN BIZNITCH: #1 she be bi :3 #2 she be emo #3 she has no piercings yet TT^TT #4 shes usually bored out of her mind :DD #5 she likes talking! ^-\\ #6 shes a little monster! ;D #7 she likes unicorns and narwals ;3 #8 she showers, NAKED! O_O #9 she calsl people hun, hunny, and chika so dont get offended! :] #10 music & poetry is her life <3 #11 shes a softy. :33 #12 shes little on the chubby side ;3; #13 she likes these bands:
One Republic
3 Days Grace
My Chenical Romance
Breaking Benjermen (fail spelling)
Panic! At The Disco
3 Doors Down
Amyy Can Flyy
and alot more, she dont want u to waste ur time readin all this shizzniz. :PP

ANYWHO! she likes british accents. and cupcakes. and anime. and emo bois and gurls ;DDDD THAT IS ALL U SHALL KNOW! till u talk to her :PP
buh bai! ;DD
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