I'm eighteen years old and proud. I write for fun. It relieves stress. I'M SO SORRY ABOUT GETTING WRITER'S BLOCK FOR FOUR YEARS. LOL.
The Boy In My Closet:
The Boy In My Closet is my biggest hit so far. I wrote it when I was 14. I haven't really wrote much since then. That's about to change. Here's a little synopsis on it: It's about a girl whose room was broken into by the new step-brother of her ex. After learning that he was her ex's step-brother, she tries to avoid him even more. She was avoiding guys enough as it was after a nasty break up. There was something irresistible about him though. She starts letting herself loose again. She has more fun, starts hanging out with more people, has a more adventurous life. But in every story, there is a conflict. Read to see the drama and enjoy!

I'd like to credit xXKrisLynnXx for making my cover for my book! Thanks so much!!!
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When you advertise, be sure to give me a little something to go on for what your story is about. By that, I mean, don't just post the title of your story and think I'll read it. Tell me what it is.

Thank you for reading, fanning, voting, and commenting!!!
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The Boy In My Closet

The Boy In My Closet

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Chelsea Bryant had a boring life until one night something got a little interesting. Read as Chelsea bec...


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