Hello everyone! I am a giant nerd who copes with her fangirling by writing down her fantasies and now have turned them into Reader Inserts for everyone to enjoy! Here's a list of random things about me:

- I love to RP, specifically my fandoms (which are conveniently listed below), so if you want RP, let me know. Don't be shy, I love meeting fellow fandoms lovers! Just shoot me a message and we'll RP to our hearts' content!

- I am a pansexual eclectic pagan

- I have a bad habit of putting things off. If I haven't updated in several days I'm either on a writing hiatus, which I will post in my activity, or I'm just being lazy. If the latter, just shoot me a message saying, "Hey girl. I see you haven't been writing -Insert Story Here- lately. I like and was wondering when you planned on continuing it." That usually gets me back in gear.

- Whenever I get a comment or message saying "I love your stories. I get so excited when you update!" I just become a big puddle of happy and may or may not blush.... You have no proof!

- I am a coffee addict

-I am a proud member of these fandoms: Yugioh (The manga, Season 0, YGOTAS -Long live LK- and the Japanese anime), Attack on Titan, South Park, Star Wars, Star Trek (The Original Series and The Next Generation), TMNT (2003), KnB, Homestuck, among many others

-I believe everybody is equal and should not be judged based on ethnic group, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ect. I believe very strongly in the justice system and cannot tolerate any type of injustice.

I always love to get reviews and I'm not afraid of constructive criticism. But seriously if you flame me, and it's an actual flame, I will delete it. If you don't know what a flame is, it's when you say something really terrible about the author or the author's story(ies) just to make them feel insecure.

Chill with me~
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Okay, so I have recently gone the bottomless rabbit hole that is the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. And after rewatching all episodes, watching a ton of crack vids, drawing characters, and reading fanfic...
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