will be coming out with news soon! I’ve been busy writing but I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on with you guys <3


@ellechanel are you going to update war and coffee? I love that book!


Thank God you are back! 




hello lovely! i was wondering how long you've been active on wattpad? how long did it take to grow your account? any tips?
          xoxo tobi


Dear Author,
           I hope everything is going well in your life. 
          I loved your, "1001 NiGHts" too much..
          After a while it's really a book to lost in the land of fantasy and still feeling whatever is happening is real. Its wonderful. I hope you'll update it soon. Wishing you good luck for your upcoming works.
          With ♡


hello elle.. i am so much in love in "1001 nights"..
          can you update it?  please... pretty you please?

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first of all, don’t come onto my page and use a homophobic slur there is no excuse for it and if you aren’t educated on the implications of that word then I suggest you do some research. Second of all, don’t make excuses for plagiarism and try to tell me “I’m running away from my problems” plagiarism affects authors like me who spend hours on their work only to see it stolen. It’s not complaining, it’s bringing awareness to an issue that has affected me personally. If you don’t understand a situation don’t speak up on it. I don’t like to argue with my readers but the fact that you feel entitled to tell me how I should feel and call it “twisted love” as if to excuse it and use a slur within the first sentence of your comment? That is not acceptable and I’d rather you refrain from commenting if this is how you do it.