Hi guys! I've been writing and getting ready to post for the past month + getting back to school (I'm a senior this year yay!!) so I'll be releasing a little teaser on what I've been working on today or tomorrow on pillow talk ;)


@ellechanel senior year!!! congrats lovely!! do you have any plans on college yet or are you just cruising?


Hi! Hope you’re having a swell day :’D I just wanted to let you know that in my opinion, you’re one of the very few writers here on Wattpad who have expertly managed to portray the deepest of thoughts, emotions and aesthetics through their writing - and I salute you a million times for it! Please never stop writing! <3 I fell in love with 1001 Nights and yours is the only retelling I always return to and remember. Recently, I was just wondering if it was updated and ended up checking out War and Coffee instead and have been utterly awestruck again :’D I really hope you continue writing those masterpieces - Although I totally respect you if you decide not to for any particular reason! Just know that I’ll be one of the first to read’em the moment you update! <3 
          All the best for the future! 
          Stay blessed, hon! <3 


Heyyy Elle. This is Maria. I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE 1001 Nights . I am soo on love with Rukun and Scheherazade. Please update the book I love it 


@ellechanel I am also IN LOVE  with 1001 nights and I’m just wondering when you’ll update it... if there are more chapters on radish I’ll go there but I’d rather read it on Wattpad. Thank you sooo much for your stories, they mean a lot to me and are very very good!!


@ellechanel and by the way if you didn't know, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WOOOORK. 
            You are an amazing writer


@ellechanel I also made a fanart of Rukun and written a little something dedicated to the Fantabulous duo of Night and Scheherazade. I would love if you checked it out. It's the second chapter of my book "I See It". 


Hey, I really hope that you are doing well. I know how busy and stressful senior year can get. I just wanted to say that pls don't give up on writing 1001 nights. It's a freaking masterpiece. It's too good to be left unfinished. And who knows? Once you've finished it and if you  decide to publish it, it may easily become one of the best selling books.
          I really hope that you continue 1001 nights and update it soon. I'm dying over here. Love your work.


Hey are you going to make a new chapter on your book con man?I stumble upon it and it’s a really really good book also Great suspense I wanna know what will happened next  

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first of all, don’t come onto my page and use a homophobic slur there is no excuse for it and if you aren’t educated on the implications of that word then I suggest you do some research. Second of all, don’t make excuses for plagiarism and try to tell me “I’m running away from my problems” plagiarism affects authors like me who spend hours on their work only to see it stolen. It’s not complaining, it’s bringing awareness to an issue that has affected me personally. If you don’t understand a situation don’t speak up on it. I don’t like to argue with my readers but the fact that you feel entitled to tell me how I should feel and call it “twisted love” as if to excuse it and use a slur within the first sentence of your comment? That is not acceptable and I’d rather you refrain from commenting if this is how you do it.