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I just wanna thank u for the 5th street series i went from laughing my heart out to tearing up with every situation the guys and their girls were put through ❤️❤️ i loved every minute of every book ❤️ thank u so much 


Review on Noah.
          I have absolutely fallen in love with this book. I could not put this compelling  novel down and found myself up at late hours of the night trying to finish it. I fell in love with the relatability of the main characters. I enjoyed knowing that they go through struggles that an average person might go through such as weight insecurity, age compatibility and etc. There is nothing outlandish or unattainable about it. It was pure realistic non-fiction.
          The chemistry between Noah and Veronica  is almost tangible. I’ve never read a book quite like this. I’ve been struggling to find a novel lately that is has original plot line. I would give this novel 10 stars if I could. I am EXTREMELY  picky when it comes to the novels I choose to read let alone buy and place in my personal library. The fact that I am purchasing this book should speak volumes.
          Side note:  It excited me that the characters were of ethnic dissent.  I loved that they were Hispanic. Too often I read books that are white washed. I am a black woman with no Hispanic heritage that again loves this book. 


Hey I just read Noah and would like to know where the rest of the books are published since only extended samples are available on Wattpad. Please do let me know. 


Just got done reading Noah and I absolutely love that book.....I think you should continue noah and Veronica's story.....I'd like to know what happened with them in the future


          I read your book NOAH and I just had to tell you that it was amazing. There was not a single moment when I felt bored or thought of just leaving it in the middle. It was not like the other cliche here on Wattpad. I loved it.