Updating on Desire soon ;) 


@elizabethiscaro please please please update desire. Give us something pleaseeeeeeeeee




So excited❤️


What a shame that books that took me out my depression are now gone... at least give your supporters closure please... they were the real medication to my depression... my all time sad chapters that I still remember is "mayhem stikes" from passion... a similar thing kinda happened to me... and that lead to my depression...
          But love you regardless though... you are an exceptional writter 


Can we please have an explanation to why you removed the entire Empiro book series? I come back to read Passion again, my all time favorite story and it just isn’t there nor is the other books then you rewrote and took those down as well.. please upload them back they’re so good and everyone wants to reread :(


Could you please put desired and licensed to kill back on watt pad? I only downloaded to watt pad to read those books and the rest of your books


Can you please put desire back up and the other books? It sook me days to figure out you took it down. I’ve been driving myself crazy because I really wanted to read it. It’s hard for me to get into books and keep my attention and your books did!!


I agree, literally not one book i’ve read is interesting like her books.. i’ve been stuck for so long and came back just to read those again. 


Oh my gosh I feel the same way, I could never pay attention to any book and I feel in love with her books. I just came back after a few years to read them. I wonder why she took them down. 


Hey! Is everything alright? I'm bummed that the books are no longer there, they were good. I know you got a lot of backlash but that happens. I mean the books got a lot of views!! And the internet is full of trolls. I dont want to pressure but pleaseeeeeeeeee for your readers!!!! We all hope you're doing okay though