Hi friends! 
          	It’s hard for me to believe that one year ago today, I posted the very first few chapters of Despite It All. I still remember how nervous I felt, completely unsure about the journey I was embarking upon. It’s even harder to believe that DIA now has over 300,000 reads. It’s been a crazy and amazing experience, and even if I do not get back to you right away, please know that all of your comments, votes, and sweet messages make my day and bring me true joy. I can also say that I have finally told someone in my real life circle about my book (my husband doesn’t even know—that’s how insecure I am about this stuff!) and it’s been humbling to have her input and support. 
          	It pleases me to say that I have been drafting and outlining a new story that will begin within the next few weeks. Once my outline is a bit more complete, I hope you’ll once again join me as I bring you: 
          	Under a Muted Sky 
          	♥️ — Elise


@elisemariel Amazing book. You made me cry, laugh, smile, and feel SO much. "Loved it" is not enough to convey what you work made me feel. You are awesome ❤


@ elisemariel  I'm not really on wattpad anymore since these stupid ads came up and also since med school buuuut I will surely enter *almost * daily to see if you posted this story.Can't wait,really missed your writing style and your creativity.


@elisemariel cannot wait!!!


Just completed your book...wow the emotions are still coursing through me. Thank you for sharing this lovely book with us. I'll definitely miss Logan and Lauren ❤️❤️


Wow! There's only one word to explain what I feel after I read your book. So many emotions and such a beautiful plot. Amazing. Thank you for bringing the story to life and telling us a tale about sucha sensitive topic. DIA is definitely more than a romance and I really feel grateful to have come across it. Also thank you so much for chooseing such a tedious profession and working tirelessly, even though you know that you can't savw everyone, you try and tgat is beyond appreciation. Thanks a ton! More power to you amd my best wishes. Eagerly waiting for the next book! ❤❤❤


Wow. All I can say after reading your book is wow. It was beautiful, and for me it’s rare to find a book that makes me cry as well as have butterflies. Excellently heartbreaking but beautiful. Thank you. 


I binge read “Despite it all” and it was hands down the best book I’ve ever read. Seriously. You have such a unique talent. With your writing I felt like I shared every win and suffered every lost with the characters. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t function towards the end. I can really tell the hard work you put into this and I hope you continue to write. Congrats on 300K+ reads and many more. You deserve it all :)