another day another moment of me getting rocked by the LSAT. 
          	so, i thought i was writing the law school admissions test FOR THE SECOND TIME (I didn’t like my first mark) in November but turns out i need to write it in September instead. so here i was thinking that i would have all of august to write chapters for reese. no, once again i need to have my face buried in textbooks instead of doing something I actually like. so, bad news is that school is starting up again, and i have to write the LSAT on sept 10. good news is that, sept 10 isn’t that far away, and the second i finish that horrific test imma update as much as i can. 
          	pray for me and hang in there soldiers. ily all :)
          	PS: who keeps telling everyone that reese is done?? i said that book has 60ish chapters lol, last i checked we’re only on chapter 40. have some faith my lovelies 


@eliizza1 Good luck on your test! i pray you do amazing, and don't worry girl, take as much as time as you need. Bc trust me that is way more important that writing wattpad books, honestly we can wait a little longer, it won't kill us. Lots of love


@eliizza1 it's ma birthday that day so imma wish you good luck babes


Hi    I saw or have seen u have been getting threats and I really wanna apologise on behalf of others ... Does this what I'm  saying make sense ? I've actually been creating different scenarios on what I think is gona happen .and i wana say I love u and  your book so much and ...yeah 


Hey my love<3 Are you okay, do you need anything? I’m sorry for how the people have been threading you. You don’t deserve any of that. It’s ridiculous how people can sell their own moral and be so disrespectful, thinking you’re a way to vent their anger. All of them are forgetting that all that you are is a human being. A human being needing to pay their debts and food and trying to build their future and also fighting for their mental health cause that’s just the way it works. In the end of day we’re all just trying to survive and you’re are one of those people. Don’t listen to them, you’re so freaking generous for even sharing YOUR Art with us. Stay safe E, I hope you’re doing good& please don’t forget to eat and drink enough ( all of the people reading this) Have a successful day:)


Guys she told me that the only reason she isn’t updating is because she’s getting threats. You people need to reign it in and stop ruining it for everyone else


its so upsetting to know that people were are sending her threats just because she didnt update. people need to realise she has a life and the world doesn’t revolve around them. plus its so hard to right a book so creds to her!


Also why tf are some people calling her a liar she can update when she wants, she doesn’t have to answer to any of us