kei deserves everything good and more


to the sweetest baby, minhyuk. 
          hi, angel face , i hope you've been doing well and taking good care of yourself for the short times i've been away. now that that's out the way, i want to take time to appreciate the heck out of you and your glorious existence. 
          if you didn't already know, you're such a good person, boyfriend, future husband <3 you always manage to make me feel so giddy and smile lots when we get the chance to be together. i hope i make you feel the same ! no shade, but unlike most people, have we gotten the privilege to be each other's friend first and get to know one another , learning the insides and outs to each other's personalities. i like that you can easily read me and notice when something isn't right, then taking time to ask about it. and same with me to you. you really are such a humble and genuine baby, and i'm so so glad to be able to call you mine.  
          i love every single major and little detail that makes you up, and i'm more than grateful to have met an amazing person like you. anyway, i'll get to the point. we're going to get married and live a happy life together until you get sick and tired of me, you're definitely going to be waking up to me and have a morning/afternoon/nighttime cuddle with our oliver each and everyday. not only do i want to give you a happy life and make you feel loved, i want to be there for you no matter what, to help you with whatever you need, and even to be there as you learn and grow, and become the best version of yourself, that you'll love just as much as i do.  
          all in all, you're so amazing and i’m forever grateful to have you in my life. thank you for loving me as much as you do. i love you. 
                             sincerely, yours. ♡