Greeting! I am Edmundo, 21 years old. I was born in Austin, Texas. There I fall for reading and writing, my first diary was about 500 pages and that was only a start of something bigger! I entered the University of Atlanta on Literature and I'm studying here right now. My first work was about Joyce's Ulysses and his "river of mind" techniques, and made a decision, that he used drugs to stimulate his nervous system. It's all about cocaine, according Freud's researches and experience.

Then I acquired a prize for essay analysed Kafka's "Castle". Such a depressive vibe! But life is all about black and white, grey is a color of indifference.

At that time I fall in love with history and made out my own political researches about Cold War and Vietnamese war. And I decided to make a profit from what I love - writing (don't punish me!). I am fond of history, politics, music, medicine, so I work for essay writing service. It's a great opportunity to fix the gash in my head and make some useful work ;) If you need some essays, course works, write me.

Also I've started up a foundrising project. Motivation Business Journal is an inspirational source for people of all ages, who are in doubt about their lifepath. We will collect and share unique stories about how simple people became famous and successful. Their experience will help people to hold on and not to give up in hard times.
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