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Hey xxx I have lots of grammatical mistakes and would like some help 
          	  Tittle: Fate of My World
          	  Genre : Werewolf 
          	  Thank you :)


Hello, EditorsUnite! I've tried to submit a resume as a line editor, but commenting has been closed. Is the offer no longer available? Thank you for helping me!


Hey ! Can you please make a cover for my very first story caled Mine (slow update) plz.I will be thankful about it. It's a story about a hot,sexy,arrogant 25 years old billionaire called Alexander Roy Arickson who is obssessed with a beautiful teenager girl named Alona. He is also her childhood bully. Their parents wanted them to marry each other.


Hi please make me a book cover. 
          Titled "How To LOVE" 
          I really dont know how would i describe it but its a stroy of a girl who is innocent about relationships, and a boy has an idea with it but their both single until they meet each other. 
          This is my first time so please help me. 


Hi there!  Can someone make me a cover please! Please! 
          Title: Stuck In A Company
          Genre: Fanfiction
          Characters: BTS (there is no character for the girl in the story) 
          Story about: There is a one girl who started working with a idols company which is big hit as stylist 
          Payment: i will dedicate you on my 3 chapters and i will vote your stories if you have please make me one


Ello There!
          Can someone out there can make acover for my story titled It's Super Complicated. Thank you


Omg! I heard you make awesome covers. I was wondering if could you make me one. Here's the details. :)
          Name: nixjijinx 
          Title: The Lost Hunter: The War of the Blood
          Genre: paranormal
          Bonner or cover: cover
          Story about: a teenage girl who got sold by her brother to the princes of the darkness. She didn't know that it was all for her safety from the person who wants her blood. Her pure and powerful blood.
          Payment: dedicates you two of my chapter plus metions.


I need a cover maker for my on going story called Neon Blue. Please comment if you're interested to make. Thank you 

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