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eU has decided to reinstate an old policy. We will try our best to notify you, but notification of requests can no longer be guaranteed. Thank you!



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Dear Wattpadders,

Welcome to editorsUNITE, an organization for writers like you. We are the first and largest service of this kind, expediting your Wattpad publishing odyssey by helping you find the best editors, book cover makes and reviewers for you! We have served the Wattpad community for the last three years and will continue to do so as long as our fellow authors need us. We are an all-volunteer organization originally founded by writers who found it difficult to find reliable and capable editors for their own works--those who were on Wattpad a few years ago will understand especially. We understand how difficult it may be at times to find the right services for your hard work and are here to help. If you would like to join the eU team to help run editorsUNITE, please send us a PM.

For all new users, follow instructions below to make use of our services.

1) Go to the portfolio that labels your need
2) Find a suitable individual who you would like to help you
3) Comment on the appropriate profile. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO @ THE PERSON WHOSE RESUME YOU ARE POSTING ON.
4) We or the staff member you requested will reply to you as soon as possible.

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Description: Okay wonderful Wattpaders, “Book Cover Makers” is exactly as the title says: people who make covers for Wattpad story and this “story”/portfolio is full of their resumes. In order to get a book cover maker, please browse through the resumes until...

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eU Editors

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Hi everyone, 
      We want to apologize for our absence over the past five months. We hope that everyone is doing fine, and enjoyed their summer. Due to our absence, eU would like to call on as many volunteers as possible to help us address the concerns and questions of our fellow wattpadders. If you would like to work a temporary volunteer for eU please email us at editorsunite@zoho.com.
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2002TK34X posted a message to editorsUNITE
||name|| Sky Mellow
      ||what graphics do you make|| Romantic, Teen fiction
      ||payment|| Credit in the story description, vote on my book, follow me
      ||how long does it take you make graphics|| No more than 2 business days
      ||what programs do you use|| Pic collage
      ||any disclaimers|| N/A
      ||where do you get your images|| Google, pinterest
@editorsunite I was wondering if you had any Editors that might be willing to help with the non-catagorized LGBT choice?
      For me, I can't edit my own stories, so this is an area that I could use the most help on.
      As soon as you can get back to me, thank you. :)