My most recent book is the nonfiction memoir DEATH IN SLOW MOTION (HarperCollins, 2004--Now available as an e-book on Kindle, with a new final chapter unavailable in the print edition!), which grew out of a Harper's magazine folio piece (Oct., 2001) of the same title. The book got great reviews, the kind of reviews I hungered for, most of them praising my "wicked black humor" and "bleak honesty" and such. The book was published in Italy, Germany and Japan as well. My website, , has all the reviews, complete.

In Oct. 2004, Mother Jones magazine published my article "The Way It Was," about my experience with pre-Roe abortion (also linked here), and in 2006, MJ published a short piece of mine called "Gore Wins!" (with a fabulous grisly illustration). The article was about the politics of horror movies and stories. I could easily expand that into a book as well, and probably will.

My career as a professional writer goes back to 1988 and the publication of THE COURT OF THE LION (Wm. Morrow), an historical novel set in T'ang Dynasty China, coauthored with Daniel Altieri. After that, we collaborated on DECEPTION, also set in T'ang China, and then on SHORE OF PEARLS. All our books were critically acclaimed and published widely all over Europe; DECEPTION became a bestseller in Germany (DIE EISERN KAISERIN) as well as in France and Spain.

And now Trident Media has released the three as the T'ANG TRILOGY (with DECEPTION renamed IRON EMPRESS). Read all about it here:

And here:

I have recently finished a novel, a literate black-humored thriller, THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, set in Wisconsin in the present and in the 1890s. Serial killers, loony bins, Victorian porn, doppelganger voices on telephones, and love gone wrong. Not for the squeamish, the pusillanimous, or the faint-of-heart! Excerpts soon.
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