I love Jesus and I am a Christain.
If I had a chose, everybody would have the chance to get one power they want, but no double powers!
I believe green lightning is a super lightning, and people in my school know how I am the earth riser.
I am on the moon because I am making a Earthrise.
(+'.'+) One of my fans wanted me to paste this.

If you want to help me spread Christianity, post the username of an atheist so we can spread God.
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    In your mind, or on the moon!
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    Oct 19, 2011 02:14AM
earthriser earthriser Dec 17, 2011 10:40PM
@Rikolah Yes.
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Odyssey of the Eye

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Description: What would happen if your eye color changed your emotions? This happens to Carlos, your average regect. Will this help him find his way through life? Or will he die trying?


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