Wanna know some things? Hmm.. Here:
~ I love to read (obviously)
~ Sleeping is a hobby, for me. And it is MY HOBBY. Bear with it.
~ Gradually I am becoming a bad girl a teeny tiny bit not yet a very sadistic one.
~ I read classics & listen to classical music! Weird right?! Well, that's me a WEIRDO. Haha!! :b
~ Would you believe me if I tell you that I have read Shakespeare's dramas. I love them so better believem e and bear with it.
~ I love WOLVES. I actually loved vampires in the past. I mean a year ago or so. And suddenly I loved wolves!! I can't believe that I wolves totally wrecked my liking for vamps. I want to have a WEREWOLF FRIEND!! Too bad, it's impossible. If only.....
~ I was told by lots of people that I'm the weirdest girl they ever met. Well, I'm pretty normal.. Haha! Am not weird! Right!!

Well, that's a part of me. I don't know.. but if you've reached this far.. Well, thanks! You had survived the 5 minutes or so of reading my "About Me" thingie.

GTG. Message me? I'll reply.. But sometimes a bit late. Hehe!! :D
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