Oh hi didn't see you there. I still can't see you but I will assume you're reading this. I think you should read everything here.

Just an Aquarius girl hanging out with sponge bob and flounder *Sebastian accent* under the sea
#Dylanteam is the best team

The most important thing you need to know~

My husbands *cheekily grins😊* :
•Dylan O'Brien •Justin Bieber •Luke Hemmings •Calum Hood •NickRobinson
•Ashton Irwin •Michael Clifford •Shawn Mendez •Harry Styles

The Outsiders(<3) *whispers 'in order'😂*
•Dallas Winston •Johnnycake •Ponyboy •Sodapop •Two-Bit •Darry •Steve
Stay gold 💛

Come join the party of fangirling, reading and no communication cause I keep forgetting to approve my email. And I don't plan on doing it sooner.

Expect to get roasted or stated with facts if you piss me off in a book or say something that's actually-factually incorrect in a book, but I will cry if you do it back to me.

Just kidding I'd like to see you try

Ummmmmm why are you still here??
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