in the meantime, i have a graphic thread open on my other account!


hey there, guys! i truly do apologize for the inactivity and blatant laziness of posting /anything/ within the past two (yeah, i said TWO) years. i would just like to let you all know that this is going to change as of NOW. 
          within the next couple of days, i will be posting a new story, which may or may not be a surprise to all of you. i am posting the sequel to "remember december," which is titled "forgetting december."
          IT IS NOT REQUIRED THAT YOU READ "REMEMBER DECEMBER" TO READ THE SEQUEL. i'm creating it as a /nearly/ separate story, but it includes background information from the first book (i.e. niall and clover, certain scenes, etc.). this story is in the point of view of harry and surrounds his story AFTER the announcement of the relationship of niall and clover (before the epilogue in "remember december"). 
          i'm hoping that this story will help all of those questioning about harry from "remember december." i'm also in high hopes that this will be more of a hit as my writing style develops more. this story will contain more of a plot, which "remember december" highly lacked. it's a sort of spin-off of "remember december." it can be read with or without the first book.
          thank you for reading this. if you guys have any questions, post on my message board or message me. i miss interacting with all of you!


Thankyou for adding Six Last Lessons! You know, I saw you around just the other day and I was thinking about how cool you are and how I've always looked up to you (especially when I used to write One Direction fanfiction!) so when I saw that you added SLL I had a many heart attack!


@afterword oh my goodness. this message made my night! i've been just getting back into reading and writing on wattpad. so i'm going to start posting works again. and i was looking through books to read when i found yours. i'm quite excited to start it, actually. thank you so much for the post! you're so kind(:


Just finished your book Remember December, amd man what an awesome awesome story that was!! looking forward to reading each one of yours! 


i know there's not a multitude of you lined up anymore to check my profile. but i have officially made a comeback. and there is. special surprise coming soon to you remember december followers out there. be prepared. 


          just wanted to thank you for adding 'laundry love' to your reading list. hope i don't dissapoint.
          much love,