Greetings earthlings.

I am Cas.
(You say it like Kaz)

I prefer they/them pronouns please.

I have a spam book that I'm active in, and a peterick fic that I'm working on right now. If you wanted to check either out, that would be super duper cool.

Also I crave friends?? Please talk to me or something and I will be nice to you I promise. Literally talk to me about your cat or your anxiety or your favorite TV show I don't care.

@bringmeyourbullets is my literal favorite person on this earth. Never ever be mean to him or I will chase you and idk throw eggs at you or something. It won't be pleasant.

@unitofenergy is an amazing human who's badass and super smart and an altogether quality person.
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do you ever even crash - spam by dundiddlysquat
do you ever even crash - spam
spam and rants and general updates on my exceedingly boring life
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Small Cat // peterick au by dundiddlysquat
Small Cat // peterick au
Pete finds a small cat that ran away from patrick this story is a train wreck please be prepared
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