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You Belong With Me, COMPLETED
Tiny Dancer, COMPLETED
Our Little Ballerinas (Tiny Dancer sequel) ONGOING,
I'm Handling It (Nouis AU) ONGOING
Love is a Six Letter Word ONGOING
Safe and Sound (previously a joint story but now running on my own, currently moving the story across to this account) ONGOING
Killing Me Softly ONGOING

I like to make outfits for people:-) http://www.wattpad.com/forums/discussion/378258/50/25/leoni-s-outfit-boutique-open
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Our Little Ballerina's (Tiny Dancer Sequel)

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Description: Motherhood is hard, there is no denying that fact. But when you're 18 years old, have newborn twins and a fiancée who is in a world famous boyband and is away a lot, Luci has it even harder. Will she come out of this ten times stronger or will she c...

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Marriage is supposed to be amazing; loving another person that is supposed to make you happy and vise ve...

Safe and Sound (Niall Horan & Zayn Malik FanFiction)

Safe and Sound (Niall Horan & Zayn Malik FanFiction)

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PREVIOUSLY ON TWOGIRLSONESTORY. Two friends. Typical, right? Both work at a strip club, one as a barten...

Love is A Six Letter Word

Love is A Six Letter Word

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I'm Aria, Aria Luca De'Rossi and I'm a cancer kid. People often ask me, am I afraid of dying? My answe...

I'm Handling It (Nouis AU boyxboy fanfic)

I'm Handling It (Nouis AU boyxboy fanfic)

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Louis' mum left him and his four little sisters two years ago, when Louis was 14. Two years later, he's...

dumbledoreswingman commented on The Paid Bride - Chapter 3

Very faced paced! Which I enjoyed as it kept the story flowing nicely. I'm assuming that she met the guy who wants her to marry him in this chapter?
      I like the involvement of Giselle in this chapter too. Your story is developing at a very fast rate though, we're only in the third chapter and she's already been in hospital? Once again, a very creative chapter.
dumbledoreswingman commented on The Paid Bride - Chapter 2

Another creative chapter, well done. You've certainly thrown your audience straight into the drama. Which, most will enjoy. 
      Maybe work on setting the scene a little more before going straight into dialogue? It'll just make your story easier to follow a long with.
dumbledoreswingman commented on The Paid Bride - Chapter 1

A really captivating start. I love the relationship and dynamic with Giselle, quite a creative idea. 
      I did notice some slight typos and the flow of the story is a little choppy; mainly towards the end though, so possibly go and have a look at that? Other than that,  a really good start.