Hello all I am Stacy, and I have a love for cats-especially my two-, reading, writing, reading and artwork. 
I have several stories. My newest work is call "The cat" and my most read one that is still being written is "Blood sex and cigs."

****I didnt know he as A6 is no longer being written nor fixed so do not waste your time******

if you like fan, comment and or vote!

follow my IG if you like @ stacyisaduck
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ducky_monster ducky_monster Aug 09, 2012 11:23PM
@Brittr13 Sure love too haha sorry for not replying before  @gangsta_princess And I will but I might go back in a edit a butt-load of it and add somethings
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Description: Death is how Autumn's story start. Her death, the death of her family (and most of the females in the world) and the death of the government. Her death caused her to come back with powers. The death of her fa...


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The Cat

The Cat

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Wednesday Adams Sommers has always been a huge cat person, so much so that every weekend she would spend...

I didnt know he was Andy Sixx (no longer being written)

I didnt know he was Andy Sixx (no longer being written)

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Ronnie never knew what she was getting into the day that her parents kicked her out and got a number fro...

Dark Worlds

Dark Worlds

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Blood, Sex and Cigarettes

Blood, Sex and Cigarettes

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“I have a thing for werewolves; something just oozes sexy, when a guy is demanding and dominant.” Zoe C...

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