You were walking around town and had decided to stop at a cafe. Being alone, you sat in one of four seats at a table. Your phone buzzed and you quickly looked at it it read: 
/\hem, you m*ght want to prepare yourself, a couple g*rls are about to *nturrupt your peace XD Have fun X3
You looked at your phone, perplexed as two girls suddenly sat in two of the other three spots at the table. You looked to your side to find a girl with dark brown hair, and electrifying green eyes smiling at you, "Hi I'm Daniella and this is Elizabeth!" She spoke up.

You looked directly across from you to see a girl with brown eyes and light brown hair, smiling shyly, "So that makes me Elizabeth, o-or Eli if you'd like..!" She said, hesitantly.

"We're here all the time, so feel free to talk to us..." Daniella, or Danni, spoke again, stopping as if to ask for your name.

"(Y/N)." You told the girls.

"Cool! Well we're here to talk or hag out at any time (Y/N)!" Danni said then dragged Eli off.

Your phone buzzed again as you looked down at it:
TOLD Y/\ XD H/\H/\
I'm zar*na, talk to me anyt*me X)

/Zarina Ransei: Homestuck, no relationship\
[Elizabeth Unknown: YouTuber, likes Cryaotic]
(Daniella Spark: Demigod, YouTube fangirl, likes Deadlox)

Hiya! You shan't know admin's name!
My fandoms/obsessions:
Attack on Titan
Doctor Who

Random stuff about me:
I love to write and Roleplay!
I follow back no matter what!!!
I cosplay~ Vriska Serket, Romano, Prussia, AoT, Trickster!John Egbert.
My best friends IRL are: @crimsonvampire @BESTBANDGEEK @Rjwild @r3ad_80m3_sh1t and @auburn2

Quebec and my other Hetalia RP peeps: @-NotCanadian-Sam

Got any questions for myself or any of my characters? Go on over to my book called 'Ask Away' and well...ask away!
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dshades293 dshades293 Jun 23, 2014 03:43PM
I have some bad news :\
      So I clearly have a huge writers block on everything and some series/books have been put on hold and might be discontinued... For My Insane Hetalia Life, I know how the story...
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