Dr. Theresa Dale found her lifelong passion for homeopathic medicine and methodology at the age of 22, shortly after being diagnosed with a uterine tumor. Seeking an alternative, non-invasive treatment for her ailment, Dale soon discovered the healing power of natural medicine, which she used diet and mind-body healing to eliminate the tumor achieving a complete recovery in just six months time. 

Upon returning to good health, Dr. Dale was inspired to pursue a career in natural medicine. It was over the next 9 years that she completed her studies in Naturopathy with MD's, BioPhysicist and Diplomat Physicist, both in the US and in Germany, at the Hans Bruggeman Institute. Dr. Dale earned her PhD, ND, HMD, CCN and her focus is Clinical and Traditional Naturopathy, Bio-Resonance Medicine,, Biological Medicine, Clinical Nutrition and advanced Homeopathic Medicine. In 1996 Dr. Dale invented "Neuro-Physical Reprogramming", a hands-on technology that releases identities, belief systems and emotions that anchor disease patterns, which is part of California College of Natural Medicine's curriculum.
  • Ventura, CA
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