Dr. June Gower is a retired Armed Services Major who now works for the Nurse Corps. June began her military career immediately after graduating from high school as a field medic for the United States Army. Throughout her military career, she was awarded numerous medals for her exemplary service (Meritorious metal). She was deployed during Desert Storm/Desert Shield to serve with her Combat Hospital, leaving a small child with family.

Dr. June is one of those who came from a humble farm family and worked her way up through an opportunity-filled career. June is a gardener, an animal lover, and an enthusiast for all things scientific. She believes that healing the sick is a calling, and it is this conviction that motivates her. In the direction of excellence June has been a student her entire life, first earning a BS in Nursing from Arizona State University and then returning to California State University to earn an advanced nursing degree. She attended several Military Officer Academies for advanced leadership training and eventually earned a doctorate from Walden University. June stated during our interview about her education, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow." What matters is that you do not cease to inquire." Einstein, Albert
  • Hood River, Oregon
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