Dr. Gregory Finkelson (Д-р Григорий Финкельсон) is a highly sought-after consultant and advisor regarding the EB-5 visa process. A large part of his practice is devoted to assisting individuals and businesses in China with successfully navigating through the often complicated application process. Chinese investors, in particular, are usually qualified for EB-5 visas and can fulfill various essential duties for a budding Chinese American business venture.

Dr. Gregory Finkelson continuously educates clients and provides consulting services that help lay the groundwork for successful business endeavors for foreign entities within the United States. The United States has an abundance of talented workers; however, many businesses find it beneficial to hire employees from nations such as China, where the quality of STEM education is very high. Dr. Gregory Finkelson's consultation helps many entities to fulfill their staffing needs while paving the way for future success.
  • San Francisco, CA
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