Chotto soko my WATTPAD FRIENDS!

I love happy endings, but I'm afraid it doesn't exist. I hope so :)

8 things that will described me:

*tOooOooo onion-skinned. I cry easily.
*STRONG...Because I'm with HIM :> Phil 4:13
*Reading Wattpad stories. I'm fond of reading. (here in wattpad) not our readings in school! it really freaking makes my head ached so hard :I
*Quiscent during my FREE hours. I can sleep the whole day :O
*Eating. I love eating. That's why I'm so FAAAAT :> LOL!
*SHS, FM STATIC, Taylor swift avid buff.. :> soo good :>
*Koizora aficionada My ghhash :> This made me cry a pale of tears.

*GOD's PRINCESS :) Anata watashi no zen'nō no chichi to issho ni naru to iu koto wa, eien ni watashidake no inoridesu :)

All I can say is "Not all people who wears a smile is JOVIAL"
WATTPAD and MUSIC are my bestfriends :> who makes me smile, whenever I'm poignant :)

sooon, (i hope...) I'll post my story here..

By the way, the person talking is Andrea.. :) You can call me Rea, Drei, Aea, Anea, Drea or whatever you think that fits me :>

"Can you lend me your earphones for a while? I think Mine is missing :("
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