Hey various peoples! I'm Rere (Ray-Ray...no I was not raised in the ghetto)
I was born in Texas but we moved to Ireland. I love...things-such as books! Sometimes I can just fold myself into a book and stay there being simple and happy and ahhhh...yeah I love reading. I like food- I really do. I like stumbling across things.

I'm in love with Greek mythology(PERCY JACKSON!!!) and any type of fantasy/myth/legend (JULIE KAGAWA!). I froth at the mouth at the thought of anything J.K Rowling. The Night Circus is amazing. ANYTHING L.J Smith. :)
I will read anything- books, posters, the label on tinned beans..

I am a cartoon junkie (ADVENTURE TIME, FLAPJACK, THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, POWER PUFF GIRLS!...etc) Then there's the anime(I am the BIGGEST nerd-Got the glasses(that I barely wear) to prove it)

I enjoy reading the dictionary. There are lots of things I wish I had written.

My music? Anything I'm not a music snob :) I AM digging(did I just say digging?) Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine, Bastille, Two Door Cinema Club, Ellie Goulding, Hozier, Lorde,The DEcemberists, Paramore, Of Monsters and Men,Marina and the Diamonds-you know what I'm just gonna put an etc. right...here(this will go on for-ev-er) so...etc. I'm a Christian...in case you were wondering(you weren't)

I love people and things and more people and MORE THINGS(yes I am a materialistic freak- I'm sorry Jesus ;)

KidologyKat is the cover goddess

Also,since you're here, why dont you mosey on down the page and check out my stuff-you know you want to (or do you?!? Am I being too pushy? God, I AM being too pushy-nobody's gonna like me. I ju-*babbles incoherently*)
Love,Peace and all that

“The sky is everywhere, it begins at your feet.”

*Okay, hold the phone. Can we just stop and reflect on how amazing The 1975 are? People, seriously. When I listen to their music I hyperventilate with happiness SO FREAKING HARD!
I don't think it's healthy.
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