"I have this problem where I would much rather read the story I'm trying to write than actually write it." This quote = me.

But then there's this:
"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."
- - - - - -

♢ About me:
♧ '97 | Europe | extroverted introvert | full-time daydreamer | am a lover of flowers and plants; puppies and adorable kids warm my heart; adore the feeling of excitement travelling gives, and relish the sweet pleasure of reading a book then pausing for a moment because you realised you've found a gem. | detest fandom and ship bashing, arguments, lack of empathy
♧ book lover but broke: a dilemma that Wattpad solved for me.
♧ read regularly on Wattpad.
♧ I read mostly books which have a great love story, make me laugh (I love humour as much as I enjoy food), make me feel invested, inspire me and have something that makes me think of them rather than forget them.
♧ my heart belongs to the selfless, humble and charming characters. to the sad and hilarious ones. ♡ my heart melts for them.
♧ love, love complex and fleshed out characters.
♧ really like well-written villains and antagonists (who are given a chance and not killed off, thank you) and good guys with a broken, darker side.
♧ I am not a fan of (badly written) clichés and am always searching for books on Wattpad that are a breath of fresh air.
♧ I want to start writing (but.. what is motivation?)

Ah, and to all of my followers: I (really) don't know what I did for you to click the follow button but thanks nevertheless! :)
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@DarknessAndLight :) I hope to get time to read some of your books soon. I noticed that your bithday is on the 11th of november?^^ A few days before my birthday and I know SO MANY people/friends who...
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