Greetings Everyone

Thank you for joining us today. Welcome to my page. Here you will find that I love writing, especially poetry, and if you take a look you may notice that I compose many tidbits of stories. I plan to finish them someday - I'm not one to give up easily.

Furthermore I hope you enjoy my writing. Any feedback, comments, and/or votes are always appreciated. Be forewarned, my poems are purely emotional, and all about what is or isn't in that moment. If you do not approve of my writing, I accept constructive criticism, but that does not exactly guarantee your advice will be taken. We must all have our own flaws in our writing, after all.

I believe in many things, some of which are listed here:
Always follow your dreams
Build magnificent towers with the bricks that others throw at you.
Do what you love.
Strive to be everything that you can be, and more.

You are always worth living one more day.

Even though I'm not old and decrepit, I have had my share of painful experiences, and even if I can't relate to you, I will try my hardest to do what I can to help you. I am a sincere person, I will tell you what I think, what you can maybe do for help, or even if you just need someone to listen to you. For those days where you feel like you have no one, please speak to me. I still believe there may be some humanity left in this world. You are not alone.

Good Luck,


I am a dreamer. It's what I do.
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