this is a random ass rant but I gotta stop watching kdramas and cdramas.. they just sress em out way too much :/ male leads r portrayed so unrealistically and the stupidity of some of the characters get to me.. I think thts why I started writing fanfics is bc I wanted to write stories tht would be somewhat (?) relatable to my readers and to myself bc most tv shows r so unsatisfying 
          	I can write the end to stories and decide how things go :)


Please please please please post the next chapter soon! I can't wait for it!  Your stories r amazing!  They have a such good plot and story line,  everything connects in the end(if ya know what I mean)... I suck at explaining things.. But "28 days" Is an AMAZING story!  Can't wait for the next chp! 


28 days is an amazing story and you've written it brilliantly! It really truly feels like I'm the character, this has to be one of the best y/n fics I've ever read. Keep up the amazing work, I cannot wait for the next chapter!


Hey there author-nim...actually i wanted to request u to plz tell me ur schedule of updating "28 days" and "the cowardly warrior" so that i can checkout every update on time... 
          And yeah...i wanted to tell that ur my most fav author...love u♡♡♡♡...plz keep on updating :)


@nutella_jeon hello! ~ sorry there really isnt an upload schedule bc whenever i have free time i write the chapters and upload them! but im trying to complete 28 days right now and then cowardly warrior! i just updated 28 days right now btw :D
            im so glad u enjoy my stories ♥ i love u too :'>)


Hey there!!! I read your book 28 days. It is super cool. Great job with book. I would also like to request you to read my book and share your opinions on it.


Hii I just binged your book 28 days (it's really good!) and I was just wondering if you have a schedule for when you update like every week or something? If not, how often can I expect you to update?


@literally_army ah no schedule sorry because i just write the chapters in my free time and then upload them when im done with them! i do usually update once every week or every other week, but sometimes i upload a few times each week it rly depends on the amount of free time i have!
            and im glad u enjoy my story ♥ ♥


I have no idea how on earth did you find me but YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for reading and voting Entwined ♡ I hope you’ll have amazing day cos you just made mine!!  It’s my baby and I really appreciate your support cos I know how it feels like to have none ♡     P.s. The second book Enamoured and spinoff Engulfed, Enthralled, Enchanted are available on Wattpad! ♡ https://www.wattpad.com/story/116699884-entwined-1-entwined-trilogy 


Btw I’m highly inspired by ur writing- hope that my fics can be as enticing as yours ❤️❤️


Omg thank u so for commenting! :D And it was in my recommended and I don’t regret reading I love vlad and avery’s characters hahaah. AHHH so glad there’s a second book! I read 18 chapters yesterday and I’m planning to read the rest tonight! I know u for so many reads but I hope even more read it’s a well thought out story!! excited to see what happens in the future to Avery ;) ❤️❤️❤️

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