Okay, so as those who follow me will be aware that I have not updated anything in a very long time. Although I am still writing, I am barely writing. 
          	This past year, I have changed quite a lot. I because very close with the people whom I work with (some in particular) and also spent a lot more time with my friends from University. Because of this, it means that I have left very little time for myself to be able to write, but when I have had the time, I've always put it off and decided to watch a new TV show or spend time with my housemates. I also thought that during the summer, I could change this and continue writing, but once again, I have over planned my life and am now working two jobs and trying to see my friends as much as possible because I leave next month to head to America for a year. 
          	However, I am writing this because I am going to make time. In between waiting to see friends, or family, or go to work, I am going to try and write as much as possible. That doesn't necessary mean I am going to update those stories on Wattpad, and if I do, it will only be because I know I will be able to keep up with it (something I am very unsure about now), but I'm going to try. 
          	And I just needed to write this to clear my thoughts about everything, and also to thank the book 'Fangirl' for allowing me to see how much I've neglected my love of writing (and reading because it's my first book I've read properly in about a year).

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