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Normal people: Think Harry Styles is cute
Warrior fans: Know Ravenpaw is cuter
Normal people: Say it's a twig with scratches
Warrior fans: Know it's Jayfeather's
Normal people: Think 'poor kitty' when they see a cat missing an eye
Warrior fans: Thinks 'BRIGHTHEART'
Normal people: Think clan of cats are insane
Warrior fans: Wishes they could be in a clan
Normal people: Name their cats after movie stars
Warrior fans: Name them after Warriors
Normal people: Are ignoring this and thinking we are insane
Warrior fans: Are copying and pasting this right now

Normal People: Can talk forever how their crush is hot
Warrior Fans: Can defend that Oakheart is hotter
Normal People: Think cats go to Heaven
Warrior Fans: Know they go to StarClan if they are nice, or Place of No Stars, if they are evil
Normal People: Think StarClan is not part of Heaven
Warrior Fans: Know God made StarClan for cats
Normal People: Play catch
Warrior Fans: Play moss-ball
Normal People: Call them months
Warrior Fans: Call them moons
Normal People: Call them dumb
Warrior Fans: Call them mouse-brains
Normal People: Think all cats have nine lives
Warrior Fans: Know that only clan leaders do
Warrior Fans: Can protest that it is true
Normal People: Would never put this on their profile
Warrior Fans: Pasting this into their profile
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*These quotes are not mine credit to who they belong too,also the pictures don't belong to me either*
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Questions or facts about me.
U can ask me anything. I'll usually answer them expect if it's something wayyyyyyyyyy to personal.
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