Hello!!! I'm just a person on the Internet :p 
Fandoms or any hobbies?
I have quite a few I can talk about. Some of them it gets harder to talk about sometimes because i'm not as intrigued anymore. So I decided to make a list! But just remember that i'm fine with talking to every fandom/ hobby on this list.
- A few manwhas ;;;; I'm too lazy to write then out.
- Vocaloid.
1: MASA WORKS DESIGN, GHOST, and Creep-p. Alot of my vocaloid songs are just random songs from multiple different artist;;;
- A few Animes
- Poppy
- Memes(?)
- Filthy Frank
- Melanie Martinez
- Drawing
- Dancing

- Homestuck (Actually in the middle)
- Ninjago
- Five Night's at Freddy's
- Creepypasta
- Mystic Messenger
- Happy Tree Friends
I am planing on moving some of my fanfics to my wattpad from Quotev. (Quotev is another website that that has Fan Fictions)
(Most of my writing style comes from me reading other stories. I tend to just pick it up sometimes)

My personality???
i guess i would be a moody person. \__( '^' )__/ I mean. I have quite a few pet peeves. But i just tend to just stay quiet, due to prior experiences where I've had people flip their lid because I mentioned my pet peeves.

Well, bye bye! that's all you need to know about me i guess? Go along now, you can go and enjoy your life!
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