Well I guess it's too late  to write this and you probably won't read this.. 
          But I'm gonna say I really love your ''Sasori x Reader - I Hate You'' story. Best sasorixreader story I found on wattpad tbh.. gosh I'm so curious, the story is getting great.
          I'm so sad to know you're not gonna continue it, and I do respect you decision.
          But I really hope one day you'll find your spirit and motivated again to continue the story until it's finished (while I'm waiting in curiosity about the story xD)


@AzuraAya25 aaaaa hello you have no idea how happy i am to hear that!!! thank you so much~♡ 


Hello! A very serious issue has arouse on Wattpad. This Vietnamese website are targeting us people on Wattpad and stealing our stories for themselves. Their website name is called please do NOT click on their website because it's filled with viruses. Stay safe!