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Too much of what surrounds us is now being marketed. You find a gorgeous photo on Instagram - you can buy almost everything on it without even leaving the application. You're able to beautifully photograph/retouch, instead, sell processing lessons and writer's presets or photos on drains. Masterfully make ceramic plates - open your shop and urgently sell your creations to those that you want. Or perhaps you understand how to talk to anyone - the road to network promotion is receptive to a different perfect strategy of rapid enrichment. This is desirable to do remotely, from somewhere in sunny Bali.

Obviously, if any one of the above is your goal, great. Aim for it. However, if it is not, do not evaluate yourself (and others) as a individual, only by the capacity to generate money on something that you like for the process itself, not for the results in the kind of rewards. You do not need to sell your artwork to gain from it, you do not need to quit the paid ones from 9 to 18 since you take great photographs; you do not have to develop into an electronic nomad to market your travels.
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