“Today your story begins. The rest is still unwritten…”

Privyet! That's hello in Russian to all you English-speaking folks out there. My name is Ashley and I am an 18 year old American girl about to finish her last year trapped in the eternal damnation that is the 7th circle of Dante's Inferno. In other words, high school. I don't have many hobbies outside of reading, writing, and doing various things on the computer, except videogames. I'm a sucker for Sims and Pokemon. I just got wifi, so if anyone wants my FC for HG or D, I'm more than willing to play :)

I am strongly opinionated on several topics. For argument sake, here's my strongest beliefs that will never change, no matter what anyone says. Debating to change my mind is pointless.
1. Never EVER make any sort of racist, sexist, or prejudiced remark to me. It will not be met with kindness and I will turn into a bitch the likes of which you've never seen.
2. I am not religious in any way, so that means I also believe in two of the most controversial topics that goes with it: gay rights and abortion. I find banning gay marriage to be a blatant violation of a person's rights, and I don't see a fetus to be a human being. It is a part of its mother's body and it should be her choice to give birth to it, not a male politician's.
3. I hate America to the point where there are too many reasons to list why, so I'm leaving it at that.
4. I completely support socialism.
5. I am a vegetarian and am completely against animal testing.
*Note: I will not go around shoving these beliefs down your throat. As long as you respect my lifestyle, I'll respect yours.

Another thing I'm going to mention is that I freaking adore England. I want to move there. Also, the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers is the greatest creation of mankind, hands down. Iggy is my soulmate :3 If you get the time, check out my cowrite account, @Spelling_Bee. I write a fantasy on it along with @MusicIsMySoul, one of my best friends. I look forward to chatting!
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dolphinash93 dolphinash93 Dec 14, 2012 06:32AM
            Here's the full reason I'm cancelling Paranoia. I felt it needed a separate post to fully explain what went wrong with it.
            I have a close friend on here, MusicIsMySoul. We'...
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