Hello! I have been in love with your books since you published Shadeland on Smashwords. And have read, bought or read samples of all of your other books. I am an avid book reader and have read hundreds of books by hundreds of authors. And I must say that you are by far my favorite author. I recently introduced your books to my cousin, and she too has fallen in love with your work. I greatly appreciate your work, and hope to see more. None of this is bluffed, it is all sincere. Thank you, and good luck.


Thanks so much for your support! :) It means a lot!


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I thought your book; Shadeland, was a heart-thumping, roller-coaster of a ride with unique characters and an amazing plot.
          Just when I thought they had the suspect, more mysteries had left to be uncovered.
          The cliffhanger had really got me at the end of my seat.
          I can't wait to read the next installment.
          All in all, a really great read!


Thanks! :)  I hope you like the next one just as much!