I grew up and currently live in southern Ontario.  Working part time and also going to school means I don't have too much free time, but when I do you can bet I'm writing ;)
I've always loved fantasy and the paranormal, so one day I decided that it was time I write some of my stories down. Deciding to publish them was what I would say has been one of the best decisions I've ever made (thanks to the support of a friend and family!).
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Phasing (The Dark Origins)

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Description: Just when seventeen-year-old Ashley thinks she’s able to quit her job at Legion, a government of supernatural beings, her long-time partner, Colt’s, family starts to disappear. They aren’t the only one’s eithe...


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Threads of Chaos

Threads of Chaos

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Mercy Singer died five months ago, but the doctor’s brought her back. Too bad she came back damaged; she...

Glenbrook (The Ethereal Crossings, #4)

Glenbrook (The Ethereal Crossings, #4)

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Luke is trapped in Shadeland, and there’s supposedly no way to get him out. Everyone is keeping their mo...

With Cross & Charm

With Cross & Charm

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Willa Queen had gotten used to her life in Hollow’s Point, where she’d go to school, volunteer at the an...

Northcliffe (The Ethereal Crossings, #3)

Northcliffe (The Ethereal Crossings, #3)

162 23 0

Liv feels as if her problems are pulling her apart. Her new transformation has left her with powers she...

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