I'm new to this whole writing thing so I'm not that good at it. But I do LOVE to write. I can't go a day without writing. 

Even though I love writing, I seriously can't go one day without music.

My favorite colors are blue and green. I love having the last word. I'm a total NERD! I love Mickey Mouse :) Sometimes, when I feel like no one else understands, I always write...it helps.
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Stories by Brooke :)
Finding Myself by dirtyghettoblondie
Finding Myself Humor
Have you ever been that kind of person that doesn't talk that much, and doesn't have any friends? Olivia is like this at the beggining but once she finds some friends she'll begin to find herself. But finding hers...
Staring At Stars by dirtyghettoblondie
Staring At Stars Fantasy
Think: What did it start with? Snow White started with an apple. Cinderella started with a glass slipper. Ariel started with a lost voice. Jasmine started with lost hope. Annabeth just turned 14, and she's done wit...
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace **UNDER CONSTRUCTION** by dirtyghettoblondie
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace **UNDER CONSTRUCTION** Romance
Everyone has that moment where they either say too much, or too little. That moment where you just throw everything away because you said the wrong word. Words are weird like that. They break you, and create you. T...
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