I'm dips. 

I have been on this site for far too long. Back in the day when 'followers' were 'fans' and 'Inboxing' was 'PMing'.

Holla if you can carry a decent conversation.

Arrivederci, darlin'.
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Mind Over Matter

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Description: This story doesn't take place now, nor in the future, or the past, or even in a limbo between. This story takes place at different points in time, simultaneously. - The State Representative has gone and done the impossible. He's gone back in time...

What? Did you just call me pretentious? 
      Listen hear, sweetie. You're completely entitled to your opinion on a story that I wrote when I was kid. Completely. And that message was reaaal mature, but if you have a problem then this little comment area is for constructive criticism. 
      Constructive. Which you probably did in what - the last two lines? 
      Just don't go around making baseless judgement on my character. Ta.