- with humor
- on which the protagonist deals with so many problems that makes you cry a bucket of tears
- has a moral lesson
- with antagonist which make u want to kill and curse those character to burn in hell... bitch,higad,haliparot
- that make me fall inlove all over again
- that makes u excite more on every chapter no bore moment
- that is so long with detailed event of what happenned
- that always has the happy ending "poreber"

- that is so short (bitin)
- having a book 2 but never did exist
- that kills the protagonist

Demanding....yes pero slight lang
but still ill consider reading some stories which didnt pass my expectation... either its bad or good.. we must know how to respect,vote, comment and thanks those author for thier time and effort on creating those story...

Again Thank you to all author of wattpad apps..
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