I'm just a teen girl who dreams of pursuing a career in writing or architecture and is using wattpad to help herself write.

I love tea, lattes and all things seasonal. The holidays are the time for me. I am majorly obsessed with Teen Wolf, Riverdale, PLL, New Girl, and Hamilton. Not to mention that I am the biggest bookworm and there is no more room on my shelves for my books to the point where there's even some piling on the floor. If you ask me who my favorite celebrity is i'll say Dylan O'Brien without a doubt. I'm a girl who's wise beyond her years but sucks at math. Also i'm a little bit of a fangirl, but that's an under exaggeration. I love food but also working out, and the summer. Most of the time i'll be daydreaming. I'm not a realist, extrovert, or introvert just more of a mix.

I'm working on quite a few books, which will probably never be published, more less completed. As you can probably tell i'm not the best at grammar and always write about twenty pages.

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