Name: Derrick Bautista
Hair: Wavy
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Deep Brown
Complexion: Brown
Age: 17
Birthday: March 16, 1996
School: Adamson University
Location: Philippines

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Favorite Books: The Hunger Games Trilogy, etc.
Genre: Horror/Thriller/Adventure/Fantasy
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    Jul 04, 2011 08:30AM

derrickbautista derrickbautista May 19, 2016 01:48AM
To avid fans of 'The Game' series, as you have all noticed, I have deleted The Game: Battlefield (the third book) as for why I did such a thing, I am currently starting on my valiant efforts to reviv...
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The World of Aegos

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Description: Fourteen year-old Walter Boyd is misunderstood. He is stuck with his life as being a nerd, a freak and a son who’ll never meet up with his parent’s expectations. At the Boyd Antique Shop, Walter rushes in on a...


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