Sup gorgeous my name is Derek, yeah you probably know me as the baby singers brother, people say I'm hot it's up to you but if I had a twin I would run around all day telling him he's hotcx 

sweαtpαnts, hαir tied, chillin with no mαkeup on, thαt's when you the prettiest hope you don't tαke thαt wrong♥

I love you bby to infinity ɑnd beyond ∞
Feeling your heart again. Breathing new oxygen. It's a liberty walk, walk! †

I'm a big flirt don't take it the wrong way cause my heart belongs to my babies better know as my Beliebers every one of you is my baby. 
~Derek, xo


»Hewwo hotspotperson, im Veronica Miller, you can just call me Ronnie, my brother Ethan is my world he means everything to me, im here for all of you don't be afraid to pm me. I'm 19 years old and yes I don't live with my mommy anymore hehe cx 

I'm single pringle but I think shh dont tell that I have a crush on someone 

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